Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Do I Keep Coming Here?

It's a break. A change. And I have found I can blog in relative anonimity. No one else comes here. Just me. It's a peaceful place where I can be me, all of me.

It's a chance to try something different, look at things differently, stretch my mind to a variety of places. Be a different me.

So what's on the menu today? Let's look.

Creativity Portal 365 Picture Prompts - April 19, 2009 - Look for the hidden beauty even in the gratings of a sewer. (The picture shows rainbow bubbles in a grungy sewer grate.)

Beauty does hide sometimes. And can appear in the strangest places.
Some of the most beautiful things I know -

that small space where the ocean and the sand meet, with my feet standing in the surge, feeling the washing of water and smooth sand swirl around them, burying them, as if trying to plant them there forever

that smooth, soft, central spot on my husband's back, where the muscles all roll into a dip and the curves feel delicious

stepping out after a storm to see the clarity of color and wet drops on the living green. How is it that the world seems clearer and brighter and more vibrant after a rain? Are WE like that too?

light sparkling off jewels, glittering, radiant, knowing it didn't start out that way

that gorgeous color between blue and purple that hangs in the sky at sunset, streaked with glowing apricot, highlights of pink edging the clouds

the purity and simplicity of white gathered tulle, cloudlike and mysterious, innocent but daring you to peek

plaid - the formal explosion of color in comforting geometric lines and shapes, rests and draws pulling you through the pattern, leading, intricate, complex but soothing with the warmth of home

a curled lock of honey brown hair free falling over a shoulder into the air, free to blow or just simply hang

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