Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Is This?

In the last week, I have felt an enormous amount of peace and happiness. Despite recent tragic events of friends and aquaintances, which pained my heart and still do, my own personal life has had a flow and ease that I am not quite used to.

The general sense of well being and floating is a nice place to be. I feel loved and in love. I feel competent and calm. I feel appreciated - that's a weird one - for things I do. And have been allowed to be my own person - althought accepted might be too strong of a word.

I believe that this feeling might have been going on even longer than the last week, although it has only been the topic of my mind thoughts for the last couple of days and am sure the last week holds true.

I feel, nicer. Kinder. Like I care more about others, and I wonder if this peace comes from that. I know you get back more than you give and I have always been a giver, not afraid of rebuff. But this seems bigger than the everyday stuff. Stronger and deeper. Wider? I am thankful, regardless of the reasons for the cause. Because I value peace. It is third on my list, after honesty and love.

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Now I am going to go knock on wood.

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