Sunday, March 29, 2009

Response to Creativity Portal 3/29/2009

March 29, 2009 Like a crystalline butterfly is our spiritual awakening rising?

Why are they asking yes/no questions? How can that inspire? Let's move on and try to get past the yes/no.

Yes. And no. I wouldn't consider myself any type of butterfly. Not social, not fluttering, definitely not crystalline. I'm too strong for that. I am not as fragile as I seem, unless we talk about love. But I keep that fragility deep inside my rough and tumble, humorous exterior. It takes a lot to pain me. But some have a straight avenue. I try to shield those cavities, what I would consider flaws, to mask the harm they can do. I suppose in that way, I am LIKE a butterfly - able to cocoon myself as the necessary time draws near.

Spiritual awakening rising? Hmm. Yes. Cycles of life. Patterns of life. We must remain dormant at times in order to be at peak for rising times. These visions lay in a deep sleep inside of us until we are capable of putting forth the effort and emotion necessary to complete the task. That is why we always can find more strength for those things that are hard to bear. It's always there. We just don't know it's full potential and our souls keep that extra reserve for moments such as those.

In our lives we have countless risings. Tempered by razings. Like the tide, our capacity for change moves in and out of our heart, rises and falls with the seasons, ebbs and flows with the years.

At this moment, I am rising. Biorhythms. The pattern of my life has been such that I will slowly decrease until the end of April and then will return with a fury, much like a spring tornado. It's a magical time, but a time to be planned for. A time when nothing seems impossible. A time to try that which I dare not at other times. For at that time, the world sings to me. I hear every note and rejoice. I see every color and feel it was put there just for me with the sun's ray to make it even more vibrant.

It's coming. I feel it. I need it. I crave it. And when it arrives I will drink in it's sweet taste until I have fulfilled my proverbial cup. And it will sustain me through darker times.
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