Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creativity Portal Prompt Generator - March 29, 2009

Describe a typical day during your Jr. High years.

Oh yuck and yikes. That's way back there.

I would ride the bus for 10 minutes. Most notable classes were math (algebra) that was taught by that young woman teacher that I was sure all the boys loved. I remember English class - studying spelling - the word was worchestshire (as in the sauce). I remember science - biology - which was so hard for me. I mostly remember the hard classes. But I do remember shop class - making plastic rings, the clock, the wall sconce, the wooden heart with the arrow through it that we had to soak in water to get through. And music class with all my girlfriends.

Mostly I remember boys, music and friends. Dances. Kisses. (How awkward) Unreturned liking at times (why DIDN'T they like me???) Boys who would have walked on water for me - others who didn't notice I exsisted. I had old friends and new friends. I liked the ones I could trust the most. Those were usually the old friends.

Phil Heine - how do you forget a name like heiney, as in butt?
Combs in our back pockets at the roller rink - oh that stinky smell. Puke and oil and wax and popcorn.

Catastrophes - being on crutches - I don't remember why??? Ankle something or other. Not being able to wear makeup for at least a week - my eyes had swollen up and turned red from using old mascara. THAT was horrible.
I visited the principal's office once. Something about a boy. I don't even remember what now.

I remember running in track. Fast. I was fast. And I was sooo tiny.

Jordache jeans. Nike tennis shoes. Candies shoes/clogs.

Talking on the phone for HOURS. Notes passed between friends and boyfriends. Folded in a little envelope shape so you could tuck in the corner. How did we do that?

Wide halls - doors for the classrooms were decorated for Christmas. Making popcorn and cranberry garland in social studies class. My fingers were stained and sore from the cranberries. I hung the garland on the tree at home.

I still have my journals from that time - I found one not too long ago. It was funny how it took me straight back. And I was happy I had recorded my thoughts from then so I could see who I was. I am more amazed at who I am now and the journey that occured in between. I don't know that I turned out how I would have thought. But if I would have glimpsed my current future in those year, I think I would still be happy in that thought.

I don't know that I had a typical day - boys and classes would be about all that was constant every day. It's funny because now I know why I couldn't find my perfect match during those years. He was in another state! :)
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