Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Process continues

So I finished my book. Well, a rough draft of it. It needs lots of help still. I've had a couple people read it, for editing and for content and flow. The remarks, responses, and comments have been extremely helpful and insightful.

One of the things I have struggled with is not so much the editing and suggestions but the feeling that if I use other people's thoughts to write my book, does it then not become their book as well? Aren't they in fact helping to write it? Do they become co-writers if they help? Where is the line that keeps the book mine and not partially theirs? I don't mind sharing but feel that credit should be given to those that have helped with ideas and rephrasing and such and I can't seem to get my mind around where help becomes part of the actual story and hence, they become a cowriter. I feel this is probably a strange place to be and an odd way to think and would be curious if other writers feel this when they get ideas and editing from others.

Aside from that, I think overall most are liking it. I'm trying to get feed back from several people to get as many different views as I can. I know what's in my head and want to know what is in a reader's head when they read the story. It's very exciting to share my book with others.

I still don't have a title that I have chosen 100%.

I need to go back and rewrite some parts. And reformat some parts. And take out the word "and" at the beginning of a ton of sentences. It seems that I think that way - in a long continuous sentence :) lol

I also found out that I say the word "hmm" a lot. I actually do in real life too, which I never knew about myself.

I'm excited to get back to work on it but haven't found the ultimate push to do it. I'm hoping it comes soon.

I've also got new ideas for new books that I am anxious to work on. I've started brainstorming and mapping out the ideas for a few of them and have them on the computer. This gives my brain more room so I don't have to remember them :)

Title title title. Hmm. lol

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  1. Daisy,

    Last year, I used your morgueFile image q 024.jpg in my one-of-a-kind story installation "You Will All be Punished Unless the Guilty Party Confesses."

    Thank you for sharing.